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My name is Whit Gammon and I am a lifelong resident of Wilson County other than the College years when I attended the University of Tennessee from 1994-1998 (When we were good at Football). After college I returned home and began a career in the Oil and Gas distribution industry. While that career got me started in the real world my passion has always been in real estate. Whether it was flipping houses back in the early 2000's, building our dream home, or buying and selling land, I have always been drawn to real estate.

When kicking around getting my real estate license in knew I had to have a purpose to go with my passion and that is when 3-21 came to mind. My wife and I are the proud parents of 2 wonderful boys (Greer, 10) and (Webb, 6). While Greer is a typically developing wild 9 year old boy, Webb unbeknownst to us was born with a little something extra. That something extra was and extra 21st chromosome hence the name 3-21 Team. This condition is commonly referred to as Down Syndrome. While we were certainly surprised when he was born and found out of his diagnosis it has only made our love for him stronger than ever imaginable.

Webb has opened our eyes to a world of opportunities and friendships that we might otherwise have not been blessed with. It allowed me to be selected to be a board member of Prospect INC in Lebanon for 3 years. When my term concluded my wife took my seat on that board. Prospect INC mission is to provide support services and employment to people who have disabilities or other barriers to personal independence.

We as a family have also been very blessed to get to know many families of individuals that have Down Syndrome via the Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee. I work very closely with this group as the Official Realtor of DSAMT and am proud to give back 10% of my gross commission to this organization for every real estate transaction I am associated with.

Upon the completion of Real Estate School and gaining my license I had to make a decision on where I was going to hang my hat. Two of my very good friends Daniel Johnson and Drew Boggs with Cumberland Real Estate have helped me every step of the way so it made it a no brainer to join the Team at Cumberland Real Estate in Lebanon. They are both incredibly punctual, responsible, ethical, and overall professional Realtors and I am proud to call them my colleagues as well as my friends.