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Charities We Support

The Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee (DSAMT) is a community of parents, grandparents, siblings, physicians, educators, professionals, friends and self-advocates from forty-one counties in Middle Tennessee who celebrate and support individuals with Down syndrome and their families.


DSAMT enhances the lives of those with “something extra” throughout their lifespan by providing programs that support their development and achievement, facilitate their inclusion in the community and help them lead fulfilling, meaningful lives.

They connect new & expecting families with valuable information and a welcoming community. It continues to educate, advocate for and support the family throughout the lifespan.

DSAMT trains educators on best-practice strategies for improving student outcomes. They help physicians, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners provide better care to their patients and better understand their needs and those of their families. They help businesses improve diversity in employment and understand how hiring individuals with Down syndrome can benefit their company.

DSAMT has no membership fees and tries to offer programs at no or low cost to families.